Publication (UPOL): Remarkable Enhancement of the Electrical Conductivity of Carbon Nanostructured Thin Films after Compression

Abstract: In this work, we demonstrate a significant improvement in the electrical conductivity of carbon nanostructured thin films, composed of graphene nanosheets and multiwalled carbon nanotubes, by compression/polishing. It is shown that the sheet resistance of compressed thin films of carbon nanostructures and hybrids is remarkably decreased in comparison with that of as-deposited films. The number of the interconnections, the distance between the nanostructures as well as their orientation are highly altered by the compression favoring the electrical conductivity of the compressed samples.

Georgakilas V.,  Koutsioukis A., Petr M., Tucek J., Zboril R.: „Remarkable enhancement of the electrical conductivity of carbon nanostructured thin films after compression“, NANOSCALE, 8 (22) (2016) 11413-11417.(WP5)


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