Publication (UPOL): Electrocatalytic Nanostructured Ferric Tannates: Characterization and Application of a Polyphenol Nanosensor

Abstract: A novel core–shell hybrid nanomaterial composed of peculiar maghemite nanoparticles (surface-active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs)) as the core and tannic acid (TA) as the shell was developed by self-assembly of ferric tannates onto the surface of SAMNs by simple incubation in water. The hybrid nanomaterial (SAMN@TA) was characterized by using UV/Vis, FTIR, and Mössbauer spectroscopies, magnetization measurements, and X-ray powder diffraction, which provide evidence of a drastic reorganization of the iron oxide surface upon reaction with TA and the formation of an outer shell that consists of a cross-linked network of ferric tannates. According to a Langmuir isotherm analysis, SAMN@TA offers one of most stable iron complexes of TA reported in the literature to date. Moreover, SAMN@TA was characterized by using electrical impedance spectroscopy, voltammetry, and chronoamperometry. The nanostructured ferric tannate interface showed improved conductivity and selective electrocatalytic activity toward the oxidation of polyphenols. Finally, a carbon-paste electrode modified with SAMN@TA was used for the determination of polyphenols in blueberry extracts by square-wave voltammetry.

Magro M., Bonaiuto E., Baratella D., de Almeida Roger J., Jakubec P., Corraducci V., Tuček J., Malina O., Zbořil R., Vianello F.: "Electrocatalytic Nanostructured Ferric Tannates: Characterization and Application of a Polyphenol Nanosensor",  Chem.Phys.Chem 17 (20) (2016) 3196-3203.


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