Publication (UJEP): Magnetic and Mössbauer study of cerium-based reactive sorbent

Abstract: A new kind of magnetically separable composite consisting initially of magnetite and cerium carbonate nanograins was investigated using magnetic and Mössbauer methods at room and low temperatures. Various stages of calcination treatment in air resulted in a transformation of the cerium carbonate into cerium dioxide and magnetite into more complicated iron oxide compositions. The final CeO2 nanograins on the surface of -Fe2O3 were obtained after calcination at 973 K.

  1. Jirásková Y., Bursík J., Životský O., Luňáček J., Janoš P.: „Magnetic and Mössbauer study of cerium-based reactive sorbent“, Acta Physica Polonica A 131 (2017) 1096-1098.OBD Pro ID: 43883898


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