Publication (UJEP): Properties of polyamide nanofibers treated by UV-A radiation

Nonwoven polyamide nanofibers have extensive applications in a wide range of areas. However, a general problem of polyamide nanofiber is a poor adhesion to other materials or to microorganisms. In this work, we exposed nonwoven polyamide nanofibers to ultraviolet, long-wave (UV-A) radiation for different times and studied the changes in surface and bulk properties by available techniques. Obtained results confirmed the changes in surface chemistry, polarity, charge, roughness and morphology. Also changes in crystallinity portion and alpha and gamma phases were observed. We confirmed that the UV-A radiation can be used for surface activation and adhesion improvement. These changes are more visible and significant after short radiation time (till 10 min).

Kolska Z., Polansky R., Prosr P., Zemanova M.,  Rysanek P., Slepicka P., Svorcik V.: „Properties of polyamide nanofibers treated by UV-A radiation“, Materials Letters, 214 (2018) 264-267. UJEP (WP3) IF: 2,572.

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