Publication (UPOL): EDOT polymerization at photolithographically patterned functionalized graphene

Abstract Graphene possesses unique features that make it attractive for nanotechnology. Functional devices often require combination of several materials with specific functions, and graphene-polymer composites are one of them. Herein, we report on the preparation of PEDOT:Graphene bilayers by in situ polymerization of EDOT on covalently functionalized graphene. The polymerization proceeds exclusively on the grafted graphene, and patterned structures with high spatial resolution down to 3 mu m could have been prepared. The composite exhibits enhanced efficiency of electrochemical doping compared to pristine graphene, asymmetrical transport characteristic with improved hole-transporting properties and efficient electronic communication between the two materials. (C) 2016 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Kovaricek P., Drogowska K., Kominkova Melnikova Z.:”EDOT polymerization at photolithographically patterned functionalized graphene”, CARBON   Volume: 113   Pages: 33-39   Published: MAR 2017 WP6 IF: 6,337

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