Publication (UPOL): Ultrastable Natural Ester-Based Nanofluids for High Voltage Insulation Applications

Abstract: Nanofluids for high voltage insulation systems have emerged as a potential substitute for liquid dielectrics in industrial applications. Nevertheless, the sedimentation of nanoparticles has been so far a serious barrier for their wide and effective exploitation. The present work reports on the development and indepth characterization of colloidally ultrastable natural ester oil insulation systems containing iron oxide nanocrystals which lift the problem of sedimentation and phase separation. Compared to state-of-the-art systems, the final product is endowed with increased dielectric strength, faster thermal response, lower dielectric losses (decreased dissipation factor: tan δ), and very high endurance during discharge stressing. The developed nanofluid was studied and compared with a similar system containing commercial iron oxide nanoparticles, the latter demonstrating extensive sedimentation. Herein, the dielectric properties of the nanofluids are analyzed at various concentrations by means of breakdown voltage and dissipation factor measurements. The characterization techniques unequivocally demonstrate the high performance reliability of the reported nanofluid, which constitutes a significant breakthrough in the field of high voltage insulation technologies.

Peppas G. D., Bakandritsos A., Charalampakos V.P., Pyrgioti E. C., Tucek J., Zboril R., Gonos I.F.: Ultrastable Natural Ester-Based Nanofluids for High Voltage Insulation Applications", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (38) (2016) 25202-25209.

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