Publication (UFCHJH): EDOT Polymerization at Photolithographically Patterned Functionalized Graphene

Abstract: Graphene possesses unique features that make it attractive for nanotechnology. Functional devices often require combination of several materials with specific functions, and graphene-polymer composites are one of them. Herein, we report on the preparation of PEDOT:Graphene bilayers by in situ polymerization of EDOT on covalently functionalized graphene. The polymerization proceeds exclusively on the grafted graphene, and patterned structures with high spatial resolution down to 3 mm could have been prepared. The composite exhibits enhanced efficiency of electrochemical doping compared to pristine graphene, asymmetrical transport characteristic with improved hole-transporting properties and efficient electronic communication between the two materials.

Kovaříček P., Drogowska K., Melníková Komínková Z., Blechta V., Bastl Z., Gromadzki D., Fridrichova M., Kalbáč M.: EDOT polymerization at photolithographically patterned functionalized graphene”, Carbon 113 (2017) 33-39.

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