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The agreement on cooperation of the NanoEnviCz research infrastructure with the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

The agreement 


In the beginning, an agreement on cooperation between the NanoEnviCz research infrastructure and the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association was concluded. The contract was concluded on the basis of the successful cooperation of NanoEnviCz research teams with a number of industrial partners involved in the production or use of nanomaterials.


The basis is effective communication
The NanoEnviCz research infrastructure brings together several research organizations. 
However, its unique equipment and know-how allows it to be used by external users as well. 
It thus creates space for achieving new knowledge in the field of basic and applied research and, 
last but not least, the development of advanced nanotechnologies. 
This is where the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association comes into play with its ability to 
connect Czech companies using nanotechnologies across sectors and enables the implementation of 
research results into practice. For some companies it is the use of nanotechnological processes in production, 
for others it is the development and production of final products from nanomaterials or their applications. 
The main goal of the cooperation will be to improve communication between the academic and 
corporate spheres and to facilitate the transfer of new technologies into practice.
Medical applications and emission reduction 
The cooperation already brought a number of results. These are in particular various patents, 
utility models and proven technologies, especially in the field of nanofibrous materials 
for antimicrobial filter media and nanofibrous materials for medical applications. 
NanoEnviCz's cooperation with industry is gradually expanding to other types of nanomaterials, such as: 
nanofibrous materials for the capture and separation of gases to reduce emissions, 
nanocomposites with metal nanoparticles and their oxides, especially for environmental applications.



NanoEnviCz integrates the infrastructure facilities of Czech research organizations for research in nanotechnology sciences.

The program is focused on research in the field of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for environmental and related applications. Our services include controllable syntheses of nanomaterials, their complex chemical, structural, morphological and surface characterization, tuning their functional properties, monitoring their potential toxicity and hazard.


Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

It brings together Czech nanotech companies from various industries, from the textile industry to biotechnology, environmental applications, optics, and energetics. Some of them are using nanotechnology in manufacturing or in applications, others are developing and manufacturing final nanomaterials or products.

The aim of the Association is to represent the interests of Czech nanotechnology companies and research both at the national and world level. The Association builds on the good name that the Czech Republic has in this field in the world and is trying to spread positive awareness about nanotechnologies in society. It also focuses on the active support of all opportunities for cooperation between industry and research. The association has 36 members.







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