Publication (UJEP): Optimization of sputtered ZnO transparent conductive seed layer for flexible ZnO-nanorod-baseddevices

Abstract: We report on the evolution of the microstructure of Tb-Fe-Ga films deposited by co-sputtering from Tb33Fe67 and Fe72Ga28 targets. The sputtering power was fixed (90 W) in the Fe72Ga28 whereas it was increased from 50 to 90 W in the Tb33Fe67 target resulting on TbxFe73Ga27x layers with 7  x  11. The local structure was determined by means of x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy at Fe-K, Ga-K and Tb-L3 edges. The increase of Tb in the alloy promotes the phase segregation that produces a larger amount of the TbFe2 structural phase. The structural results have been correlated with the magnetic characterization that shows the enhancement of the out-of-plane component of the magnetization.

Novák P., Briscoe J., Kozák T., Kormunda M., Netrvalová M., Bachratá Š.: „Optimization of sputtered ZnO transparent conductive seed layer for flexible ZnO-nanorod-baseddevices“, Thin Solid Films 634(2017)169-174.

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