NanoEnviCz at NANOCON 2021 in Brno

NanoEnviCz will organize a Workshop in the frame of the 13th international conference on nanomaterials NANOCON´21. Come to see our examples of collaboration with the users. Come to see what kind of services we can offer for your science...

NanoEnviCz Workshop will take place on Thursday, October 21, at 2 p.m.

Program of the Workshop:

Mgr. Ryšánek Petr:  Polymer Nanofibrous Membranes for Specific Functions

Dr. Ing. Petr Sazama: Heterogeneous catalysis for environmental protection. From basic theories to the development of the production processes

Mgr. Jakub Tolasz: Interaction of pollutants on nanoceria

Ing. Mgr. Táňa Závodná, PhD.: Genomic Approaches in Evaluation of Nanomaterial Toxicity

Ing. Ondřej Havelka: On the implementation of laser radiation to synthesize valuable nanomaterials

Mgr. Martin Petr, Ph.D.: XPS as a powerful method for detailed chemical analysis of surface



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