Program of the NARECOM seminars in 2022

The final program for NARECOM seminars in 2022

January, 19  

Nano zero-valent iron in wastewater treatment

February, 16

Use of NanoEnviCz project for better knowledge of your nanomaterials

March, 16  

In vivo toxicity study of metal oxides NMs in mice

April, 13

Nanomaterials for environmental applications

May, 18

Biosensing nanostructures/nanofiber membranes for selective gas capture

June, 15

Example of use of genomics in toxicity study of ENMs

September, 14

Mössbauer spectroscopy and its practical application

October, 12

Nanomaterials for wastewater treatment

November, 9

XPS – an effective method for surface chemical analysis in detail



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